Get To Know Us

It is a known ritual, and sort of a right of passage, for everyone at the yard to have a nickname. Meet our fleet and learn who we are, and who THEY really are!

Name: Denny Nissen

Mixer #: 88

Nickname: The Undertaker

Years of Service: 45

3rd Generation- Son of Harold Nissen

Name: Gary 'Punk' Nissen

Mixer #: 11

Nickname: Punk

Years of Service: 39

3rd Generation- Son of Harold Nissen

Name: Chad Nissen

Mixer #: 42

Nickname: Sonny Boy

Years of Service: 25

4th Generation- Son of Denny Nissen

Name: Nate Konczal

Mixer #: 1


Years of Service: 17

4th Generation- Grandson of Ralph Nissen

Name: Dave Pullella

Mixer #: 12

Nickname: Casper

Years of Service: 8

Name: Al Adams

Mixer #: 32

Nickname: Biscuit

Years of Service: 14

Name: Wes Hymore

Mixer #: 19

Nickname: Pretty Boy

Years of Service: 16

Name: Dick Nissen

Dump Truck Driver


Years of Service: 51

3rd Generation- Son of Don Nissen

Name: Al Nissen

Mixer #:

Nickname: Boss Man

Years of Service: 40

3rd Generation- Son of Harold Nissen

Name: Kelly Nissen Adams

Years of Service: 22

4th Generation- Daughter of Gene Nissen